Wisdom and Reconciliation

Wisdom and Reconciliation

Words like “wisdom” and “reconciliation” are hard to conceptualize in our minds. Yes we have definitions, but when actually used in a real time situation, I wonder what effect they really have?  They may have an affect that can sway emotions, but what meaning is actually being articulated?

I’m a pragmatist or do what works kinda guy and for many years I’ve pondered the duality of art and utility. As a young man born into a southern MN farming community it was rightfully expected of me to conserve what would have the most utility to our way of live. But, deep in my heart I had a voice that told me it wouldn’t be enough. It wouldn’t be enough to satisfy my passions or the coming future at large.

I have struggled with the most profound questions I think man can struggle with. How do we reconcile what we are and need with the wisdom to seek potentials and desires.

It’s 2020 and I’m 44. I lived and lost. I’ve Loved and hated. I believe that if I try hard enough to articulate my experiences I may develop my philosophy enough to where it can be utilized by most importantly my children. At this point in my life I don’t think I have anything better to do.

Here I will document my struggle.