Words in Good Faith

There’s so much to unpack in this title. I will share a little of what I’ve experienced in a greater effort to exercise my writing. Look for me to expand upon this in future writing, audio, and video.

For as long as I have wanted to do this work I’ve struggled with how I’m supposed to do it correctly. What’s the standard I must follow for it to be recognized? How will it have value for you?

When a word is used it is in fact an attempt to manifest the conscious perception of experience into the physical world. I have an intrinsic and/or extrinsic experience and instantly it has both an effect and affect value. At some point, it may be relevant to share that experience. If I have the words to denote the experience I can have faith that it has a real value I can utilize to create a similar experience. Because my words both help me recall a previous experience and give future implications or context to my explicit experience. I’ve seen the door before. This is the door. I can walk through the door. I have a good conceptualization of what is on the other side of the door.

However, there is always more valuable reality than what can be denoted by words. If I use false words I will lose the intangible and unperceived patterns that give it true context. These unknowns are unconsciously experienced and lost when we re-consolidate our experience with false denotation.

OK, what am I getting at here? Essentially, I believe that soon it will become obvious to all that attempting to articulate and utilize false denotations of reality is actually a failure to utilize the actual value of your experience.

No, I’m not saying you shouldn’t tell stories of fantastical realms enabling alternate potential experience. I’m saying when attempting to conceptualize the next step in your explicit reality you better be wise in your perception and able to reconcile your words now, in the past, and in the future.

When I attempt to articulate a step through the door, will the door be there, will there be another side? Faith is not a word for fantasy, faith is a denotation for our belief in an implied reality. Good faith gets you through the door because you know it’s a door, it has been a door and will be a door.